Peter Machen Interview: D’Urban 2008_pdf


D’Urban forms the second in a three-part trajectory of city specific projects. For Hobbs – whose work predominantly has been imbedded in urban investigations though the moving image and photography – each of these projects presents an opportunity to explore through sculpture and installation the urban phenomena figured in his photographic work.

Hobbs’ preoccupations with the visionary in architecture, the precariousness of construction, the city as contradiction, are explored through a range of mixed media sculptural and assemblage works.

Extending the conceptual and formal language of the works produced for HighVoltage/LowVoltage at the Wits Substation (Johannesburg, 2007, the first in this three-part trajectory), Hobbs will present a new body of works responding specifically to the architectonic properties of the KZNSA Gallery.

D’Urban, KZNSA Gallery / HighVoltage, Bank Gallery, Durban, 2008_pdf


Responding to the Wits Substation, space in three parts,  Hobbs has produced a body of small scale assemblage sculptures incorporating found objects, a large scale assemblage installation and a site specific exterior building treatment.

This body of work has been inspired by Hobbs’ visit (in late 2006) to Jeff Koons’ Studio and photographic documentation from the top of the Lever House and Seagram’s buildings in New York respectively.

HighVoltage/LowVoltage, Substation, Wits University, 2007_pdf